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Post-Book Doldrums

Yesterday I finished reading DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth. It’s been on my list for forever and I finally got to it. Loved it, by the way. But, okay, when I read an exciting book like that and then it’s over, I get…mopey. … Continue reading

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Enjoy Being Unpublished

If I were a character in a book, I’d say that one of my biggest character flaws is that I always look toward the future to the point of being unhappy with the present. I’ve been this way for as … Continue reading

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Stinks and Smells–Remember Them in Your Writing

My house smells like Calvin Klein Euphoria. You’d think “Mmm, wow, yummy man smell,” but no. Small doses = yum. All over your house = headache. On our flight home from Utah, my husband’s aftershave spilled all over our checked … Continue reading

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Never Surrender

YA author Elana Johnson recently hosted a “Never Surrender Blogfest.” I missed it by a few days, but to participate, you had to blog about a time when you didn’t surrender. I thought that’d be a great topic for me … Continue reading

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Thoughts About the World

I’m kind of a hermit. News comes to me slowly, and I have all sorts of excuses. I did hear about everything that’s happening in Japan, so I’m not hear to confess that I just heard about it or anything. … Continue reading

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