If I wasn’t writing…

Photo by Scott Liddel

On Saturday night I got to see my younger sister in a play for the very first time…like, ever. She’s seven years younger than me and so I was away at college when she started acting in plays. Well finally, I saw her. And she was AWESOME. She played Amber in Hairspray. You know, the snotty blonde girl.

It was a community theatre production. The theatre itself is in the back corner of a thrift/antique store. So bizarre and odd, but so awesome. I love quirky things like that in real life. Maybe one day I’ll add it into a book.

Anyway, watching the play totally made me want to be in a play again. I was Maria in West Side Story my senior year of high school. I love musicals, and being in one was so so so fun. My problem is…I don’t know if I have time for more than one hobby. Ok, I know I don’t have time for another hobby. So I’m gonna say that if I weren’t a writer I would be in musicals. I’d sing big and somehow learn how to dance better and I’d be fabulous. 🙂

Hmm…maybe that’s why my MC in WITHOUT A SONG is a singer. I’m living vicariously through my characters. 🙂

What would you do if you weren’t writing?

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Bloggers and Photos Warning

Last week, I read this post about a writer who got sued for using a copyrighted photo on her blog without permission. When she was contacted by the photographer, she immediately removed the photo, but still was legally responsible for paying for her use of that picture.

I think it’s important that bloggers read this post and make sure they aren’t violating any copyright laws. I went and reviewed the permissions page from the website I got my blog’s photo from: Stock.xchng. From what I understand, I’m in the clear. But I’m considering getting my awesome photographer sister to take a new pic for me.

We’re all artists and none of us want to have someone stealing our work. It’s easy to not even think about that when we google an image. It’s floating around the internet for free use, right? Not necessarily. So just beware next time you decide to use a photo, and remember that photographers are just like you and me–they don’t want someone using their work without permission any more than we do.

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Cover Love

I realized I’ve been doing a lot of kind of heavy, think-a-lot kinds of posts. Guess I’m going through one of those phases. So today I’m going to post about something more fun: book covers!

I can’t remember where I read this now, but I recently found an article about how covers are a huge deal for teen readers…more than reviews and all that. Makes sense, right? Cool picture must mean cool book. And you of course want to feel cool if you’re walking around with it.

Here are some of my favorite covers:

Matched Trilogy by Ally Condie
 Love, love, love what they’ve done with these covers.
White space and awesomeness.

Ivy by Julie Hearn

I picked this book up 100% because of the cover. Isn’t it to die for?
Unfortunately, it wasn’t a story that stuck with me, but the cover…Love.

The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman

They’ve redone the covers for these books to make them less childish, I suppose.
But I’m a sucker for illustrations like this.

The Dead-Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan

The Dark and Hollow Places by Carrie RyanThese covers are so haunting and totally match the tone of the books.

Ok, your turn! What covers do you totally love? 

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