Writing Log

A couple weeks ago I wrote about how I needed to make a plan to complete my draft of WoAS so I can get to querying. Well, I wasn’t sure how to go about doing it and it just kind of fell to the wayside.

But then my genius-and-wonderfully-organized friend Chersti posted how she makes and keeps her writing schedule. So I am trying it.

My life is too unpredictable to make out a very long term, day-to-day plan, but I do know that I’d love to have my current draft finished by next week so I can print it out and read it out loud, make more changes, etc. I want that all finished by the WIFYR conference on June 13. So I took Chersti’s advice about keeping a writing log, and planned out the things I need to do this week. It looks something like this:

I’ve scheduled in all the writerly things that I need to do that day, color coded (see Chersti? you’re not the only one) by which task it is. I also took Chersti’s advice on keeping track of how long it takes me. I hope in the future, it’ll help me figure out just how long it takes me to do things so I can schedule better.

As you can see, I’ve already had to change things around. I didn’t finish revisions on Chapter 28, so I went through and edited my plan. Things come up, so even having a plan means flexibility. But this way I feel more accountable for the things I need to do. And somehow, it seems more doable seeing everything right there in front of me. (Good for excitement too–look! I’ll have a finished draft by Friday!)

Do you have another way you keep yourself on track with your writing goals?

About Karen Krueger

I write for teens when I'm not chasing after two cute kids. I love to sing and eat cereal (though not at the same time), and I most certainly am not a vampire because I'm addicted to sunshine.
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  1. Chersti says:

    Looks awesome!!

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