Thoughts About the World

I’m kind of a hermit. News comes to me slowly, and I have all sorts of excuses. I did hear about everything that’s happening in Japan, so I’m not hear to confess that I just heard about it or anything. I’m not living in a hole.

But I haven’t watched too much of the coverage of it. I haven’t heard all the stories. Until last night at critique group, we started talking about it. We talked about how when things like this happen, we realize just how connected our world is. Before anyone mentioned that, I was feeling like everything was so far away. All the disasters happen so far from home, and while I am sad about them, they don’t quite feel real. It could be a movie.

But not any more. The radiation could effect our own West Coast. The earthquake shifted the earth’s axis by a few centimeters. The disasters and everything going on around the world are effecting our prices (and probably will continue to do so). Everything in our world is so much more connected than it was 100 years ago. If something happens in Japan, that far away place that I’ve never seen, it’s still going to effect me and my world.

It’s kind of a scary thought, if you let it be scary, I suppose. And last night as I drove home from critique group I wondered if the teens today get scared of their future. Or do they still think it is so far away that it doesn’t effect them? We have all these YA dystopias/post-apocalyptic stories that are so popular these days, but those are all after the disasters. Do teens wonder if they are going to live through all the disasters that those books mention happened in their far past?

I tried to think of what it would be like to write a book about a character living through one of these disasters. I’m not sure I’m the writer to do it. I mean, I guess people have been making movies about the world coming to an end for years…but I don’t know that I’ve ever read it in a YA book. It would be hard to keep it from being depressing. But it seems like it might be something teens worry about. Would it help them deal with their fears? I don’t know. Maybe it would make it worse.

I guess there’s no real point to this post–just me wondering. Just some thoughts. Does anyone else have thoughts about this?


About Karen Krueger

I write for teens when I'm not chasing after two cute kids. I love to sing and eat cereal (though not at the same time), and I most certainly am not a vampire because I'm addicted to sunshine.
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One Response to Thoughts About the World

  1. I think that to some extent, books help the reader deal with real life. Maybe to some readers, while others it is purely entertainment. But when we read about someone struggling through things, we better get through our own struggles.

    My book is about the end of the world by natural disasters. And I think the key is: hope.

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