My Manuscript Romance

Last night at critique group, I sent my group the first chapter of a new manuscript, which I’m tentatively calling ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE. It’s a first draft and so of course they gave me all sorts of feedback on what to change. But overall, they were excited about the idea.

Well, I’m excited about the idea too. And the fact that they liked it totally stroked my ego.

I’ve been doing research for this manuscript, writing out summaries, notes, etc. And the more work I do, the more excited I get. So much that I could totally see myself completely forgetting about MELISMA just to dive in to this new project. MELISMA just doesn’t sound as exciting anymore.

Except when I really think about it. And realize, Wait, wait, wait, I am excited about it. It’s good. I want to try to get it published. The story is a good one. I love my characters. I can’t just move on and leave it!

This is why I never wanted to work on two projects at once.

So I’ve decided that I have to treat my manuscripts like a romantic relationship. The beginning is all swoons and excitement. The newness of it, the wondering about where it’s going to go, makes it consume your every thought. But as time goes on, you get to see its flaws and the newness wears off. You still love it, but some of the excitement tends to fade. You have to consciously make an effort to “keep the magic alive.”

In this romance, absence is not making the heart grow fonder. I’m going to bring back the spark! Work on my manuscript! And stop having affairs with my other manuscript for weeks at a time!*

How do you keep yourself excited about your manuscript while in the middle of your one millionth and a half revision? 🙂

*Although I must admit that after my little fling with ATWAS, I’ve gotten the first draft excitement out of my system for a while. And while I don’t recommend cheating in your love life, maybe with writing it can be a good thing for a week or two.

About Karen Krueger

I write for teens when I'm not chasing after two cute kids. I love to sing and eat cereal (though not at the same time), and I most certainly am not a vampire because I'm addicted to sunshine.
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12 Responses to My Manuscript Romance

  1. Amie Borst says:

    well it helps that i just got a request on a WIP. nothing like that to put your writing into high gear!!

  2. Ha ha ha… you do have a great story! I LOVE where it’s going, and I have to agree with what Shallee said that I was secretly wishing somehow I’d thought of that worldbuilding idea…

    It really is hard to keep myself excited when revising the millionth time — but I’ve found that once I get into it, I remember the reasons I fell in love with it in the first place. It really is like a romance that way, and since the one novel is fleshed out and written, it’s more of a steady love instead of the rush of a new story idea.

    Plus, the blank screen sometimes scares me!

    Amie: Congrats on the request!! Go you 🙂

    • I feel the same way. When I’m actually working hard a writing, I do realize why I was so excited to write this story in the beginning. And I get even more excited when I get to discover new things about it, write new scenes that make it even better. And new stories do have their own scariness too.

      And I’m glad you like it. 🙂 I’ll just have to balance out writing it and Melisma.

  3. shalleemcarthur says:

    I know EXACTLY what you mean. I’m going through this with my old book and my new one. Leaving the old one helped a lot, though– I’m remembering more and more what I loved about it in the first place.

    I’m glad we stroked your ego a bit. 🙂 I think with all the critiques and discouragement in the writing world, it’s good to get the good things too.

    • It’s true! It’s so nice to get some nice feedback. I think our group is good at doing that, while also giving the constructive criticism. Basically, we’re amazing. 🙂

  4. rbs says:

    Hi Karen, I haven’t dropped by in a while. So sad b/c I am over-the-top busy, but I realize EVERY DAY that EVERYONE is busy – I’m just so dang UNORGANIZED. And that’s got to change if I am to get any writing finished.

    Loved this post and your “romance” analogy. While working on one, just know that in the wings awaits “an affair to remember.”

    • Thanks for stopping by again! Good luck with getting organized and finding time for writing. I know how hard it can be. If my little girl didn’t nap, I’d never get any writing done ever. 🙂

  5. Jan says:

    I have two books, no…uh…three books at almost the same stage. The first one is shelved until I can get up the energy to fly back at it. It is done but is not dusted! Needs a heavy duty revision. The second book that I started is True – I really liked it but saw that I still didn’t know quite how to handle plot and structure so I stopped it (to save it) and started a third ‘The Rock Walker’. I finished RW and as it turned out to be a mystery, I started another in the same series ‘Earth Bound’. I got half-way through it (farther but I nanowrimoed it so it is a bigger mess than even usual for me) and then I remembered what I had started RW for and went back to True. Yikes. Now True is ten days away from a line edit and then to be sent out, The Rock Walker is out there but needs some structural work and Earth Bound awaits. So man oh man I know what you mean but hey! It can work. I know it.

  6. K says:


    This is my first time stopping by….really not too familiar with all of this….but I’m writing a book and would like to connect with a few writer support groups. Can you recommend a few?

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