Help! I blinked!

Many strange things happen when you have a critique group. Like they get you hooked on Dr. Who. And then they give you presents with pictures of the weeping angels from Dr. Who. And then you can’t ever blink again. Because it’s either not blink or die. As you can see from my terrified expression–this is serious.

For a brief explanation, Dr. Who is a British sci-fi that’s slightly cheesy but worth every moment. And the weeping angels are angel statues, similar to the ones you’d see in a garden or a graveyard, but they’re deadly. When you’re not looking at them, they move. You blink, they move. And if you click on that picture and look closer, my picture is the before (drawn by the talented Chersti, by the way) and the other picture is when they come at you. Creeee-py.

By far, the weeping angels are the scariest villain/monster I’ve seen on Dr. Who yet. And so I’ve asked myself–what makes them so creepy? (I love that I can watch TV and learn things about writing! 🙂 )

I think the biggest thing that makes these angels so scary is just because they are angels. The genius writers took something that is supposed to be comforting and peaceful and turned it into something scary. Second, they took something that is real, that you could potentially see anywhere. And when you do…you’ll think about that scary episode of Dr. Who. And the last scary thing about them is that you can’t see them move. It’s the element of the unknown that adds to the terror.

If you’re looking for a writing exercise for today, try making something ordinary (or peaceful and comforting) into something terrifying and write a scene about it. It might turn out to be a good book idea.

(What a wonderful post right before Christmas. But at the same time…there are plenty of things that come out at Christmas time that could become creepy objects…hmm…)

PS. For the readers who read Chersti’s blog too, sorry that this is kind of a copy cat post. 🙂

About Karen Krueger

I write for teens when I'm not chasing after two cute kids. I love to sing and eat cereal (though not at the same time), and I most certainly am not a vampire because I'm addicted to sunshine.
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4 Responses to Help! I blinked!

  1. Emily says:

    Holy Cow! That is wicked awesome!

  2. But if you blinked, how are you blogging? You might have discovered how to beat the angels~!

  3. Maryellen says:

    well, if you only blinked once, they are closing in, but not there yet!!!! Don’t do it again 😉

    I’m a Doctor Who addict.
    Russell T Davies is a genius 🙂

  4. Kudos for the Dr. Who love. That was one of the better episodes if only for the fact that it wasn’t the usual formula of the Doctor running out to have an adventure and solving it on his own. This newer version of the series has writers more willing to play with the universe -around- the doctor. It’s actually quite refreshing…

    Also, love your writing style and voice. Very warm and inviting. If you’d be so kind, think you might be able to take a look at my blog? Us writer type need each other these days..

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