One Lovely Blog Award

Fabulous Jenilyn Tolley has awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award! She has a very lovely blog herself, I must say.

Now I’m supposed to give seven random facts about myself:

1. Some other writer friends just got me hooked on the British sci fi, Dr. Who. And I must admit, I think I have a crush on him.

2. I am geekily excited for the next Narnia movie. (Voyage of the Dawn Treader coming out December 10th!)

3. I almost wanted to say that I’m not as into TV as #1 and #2 make it sound…but then I realized that I am. Netflix has sucked me in and won’t let go. It’s is the bane of my WIP’s existence.

4. I seriously wish I had a Southern accent–one of the nice Southern belle types. Because every time I say that I’m from Georgia, they comment on my lack of accent. I would be infinitely cooler if I had one. (When I came out to college, I actually had some friends tell me I should fake one, since I fake very well, but I didn’t have the guts. Disappointment.)

5. Right now, I’m feeling rather self-centered thinking and writing all about myself.

6. When I was a kid, I loved Disney’s The Little Mermaid. We had the soundtrack and my dad caught me singing along on video. You know the part where Ariel is singing on that rock and she pushes up and the waves crash around her? Well. I did that on the side of our couch–singing in my off-key six-year-old voice the whole way.

7. I can actually sing now. And no, I will not post that video.

And now I want to pass this award off to Carol and Ann Dee and Ally and Kyra from Throwing Up Words. They’ve created such a lovely blog that inspires me to keep on writing.


About Karen Krueger

I write for teens when I'm not chasing after two cute kids. I love to sing and eat cereal (though not at the same time), and I most certainly am not a vampire because I'm addicted to sunshine.
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4 Responses to One Lovely Blog Award

  1. I’m addicted to Netflix too. Sigh.

    The southern accent comment made me smile. I used to have a southern accent (I was born in NC), but have since lost it. It still crops up at odd moments, though. I think you should fake it. You could pull off the southern belle quite nicely, I think.

  2. Colleen/Mom says:

    Hmmm. . . I should get that video moved to dvd so I can post it. . . and I work for someone who has the equipment to do it, too!
    Congrats on the award; of course I am a little biased — you are a wonderful, talented, beautiful daughter (how many other moms have a daughter who types with her toes?).

  3. Yes, Karen, you do have a lovely blog! I have to ask though, which Doctor? 🙂

    I agree with Jeni, you could totally pull of the Southern accent! Practice it on Halloween, I dare you!

  4. Chersti says:

    Doctor Who is AMAZING! And not only that, but I am TOTALLY psyched out for the next Narnia movie and I totally want to see it opening day. Can’t wait 🙂

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