Book Review: Adeline Street by Carol Lynch Williams

Adeline Street by Carol Lynch Williams

I don’t know if this sad and alone feeling will ever go away.
I mean, I feel like I could scream forever and not get out all the upset and afraid and sad that I have inside. But even if I screamed as big as the Grand Canyon, somehow I know that these awful feelings would still be here. And it scares me.
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Eleven-year-old Leah Orton’s life has changed since her younger sister Kelly died. They used to do everything together, and now everything around her reminds her of her sister. And things keep changing–her feelings for her best friend Tom and the discovery of her friend Vickie’s secret. Though all these changes, Leah has to find her inner strength.

Carol is such a phenomenal writer. If ever you’re looking for an example of great writing, read her work. Particularly if you write the “tough stuff” kind of books. Her books always deal with tough issues, and this one is no different.

One thing that is done so well in this novel is the Southernness. The setting is Florida, which most people don’t picture as very Southern, but then most people are thinking about Disney World or Miami when they think FL. A little more urban. Anyway, Carol brings in the Southern aspect in everything. Not just the way people talk and what they do, but in the descriptions of things. It’s wonderfully done.

This book also has great concrete imagery, like in the excerpt I included. You can touch and feel the images and know exactly what the character is feeling. (This is a trademark of Carol’s books, I think.)

And the story itself is touching. The way Leah deals with death and change is so real. There’s not just angst and sad stuff–there are light and funny moments mixed in. This is just a beautifully crafted story.

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Carol’s website isn’t quite up and running yet, but you can read her fabulous blog with Ann Dee Ellis, Throwing Up Words. It’s one of my favorites.

Adeline Street is a sequel to Kelly and Me, about Leah and Kelly’s last summer together. (Just as a side note, you don’t have to read the first one to understand this book. I haven’t read Kelly and Me yet.)

Carol’s newest book is called Glimpse. It’s written in verse and is fabulous! I’ll be posting a review soon.


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