Book Review: Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

This book review is for my guest post on Throwing Up Words.

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Aislinn bit her lip, hard, and lifted a hand in a last half wave to Denny. Focus. She fought to keep her steps even, calm: everything she wasn’t feeling inside.
She stepped outside, lips firmly shut against dangerous words. She wanted to speak, to tell the fey to leave so she didn’t have to, but she couldn’t.
Ever. If she did, they’d know her secret: they’d know she could see them.
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Aislinn has a dangerous gift–she can see faeries. If they were to know, she’d never be safe from them. But when a powerful faerie takes an interest in her, she can no longer fade into the background. She’s catching their attention and may loose everything she cares about.

I think this may be the best paranormal romance I’ve read yet. The writing was good and the story was unique.

Aislinn is a more edgy character than the typical paranormal heroine. (Listen to me talk like I’m the expert. I honestly haven’t read all that many paranormals.) She’s dating Seth, who has tatts and piercings, and she hangs out at pool halls. (The book actually starts with her playing pool–a refreshing change from the school setting.) She’s not anything like me, but I still connect with her. She’s just a great character.

I like that the folklore is true to real faerie folklore. I liked the originality that Aprilynne Pike put into her faerie folklore in Wings, but faeries are supposed to be dark and mischievous. They really are dangerous creatures, and I like that Marr played with that aspect of the fey in this book. With all the prettiness that our current media has put into faeries (think Tink), I think the original folklore has gotten a little lost. The beginning of each chapter even has cool quotes from “experts” on the fey. I liked reading those as well.

But even more than that, I think my favorite aspect of this book was that the paranormal creatures were dangerous and Aislinn doesn’t instantly fall into the arms of the hot faerie. She’s got her human guy, Seth. I won’t tell you who she ends up with, but just the fact that she’s not instantly all over the other guy is refreshing.

I do have to point out that there is some sexual content. It’s not horribly explicit, but it is there. That was the only thing I was disappointed about. Other than that, everything is great.

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Melissa Marr is on the web at her website and on Twitter.

There are more Wicked Lovely books! Fragile Eternity (sequel). Ink Exchange and the short stories that follow it, Stopping Time. And Radiant Shadows. (These have different characters than Wicked Lovely and Fragile Eternity.)


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