Why dentists and book reviews should go together

Yesterday, I went to the dentist for my 6-month cleaning.  In addition to my dislike of scrubbing showers, I’m not a huge fan of going to the dentist either. For the record.

Yet I used to have one reprieve. My dental hygienist liked talking books with me. She’d read MG/YA books along with her daughter. So even though it’s awkward to talk when your mouth is wide open, I still liked the dreaded dentist visits just a titch more because I got to give recommendations and get recommendations.

But this time, to my horror, things had changed. The office got new dentists, new hygienists, and my book friend no longer works on Mondays. My heart sank. Really, it did. I’d been thinking all morning about books I’d read recently that I’d recommend…and she wasn’t there!


The new lady was extremely nice. Until she found out I’m not the best at flossing. And then it was like the revenge of the dental hygienist. I couldn’t help thinking about that wacko dentist in Little Shop of Horrors. Creeepy. Eeek!

I really do think she scraped off my enamel. In addition to jabbing my gums and spraying me in the face with her water sprayer. Ick.

Next time, I’m scheduling for a Thursday when I can talk with my mouth open about the books I’ve loved, thank you very much.

Your turn! Fill in the blank (I always hated these in school, but this one’s not so bad): “If I could talk books or read books while _____________, life would be grand.” (Ex: going to the dentist)


About Karen Krueger

I write for teens when I'm not chasing after two cute kids. I love to sing and eat cereal (though not at the same time), and I most certainly am not a vampire because I'm addicted to sunshine.
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6 Responses to Why dentists and book reviews should go together

  1. Ha! I’m a librarian at a dental hygiene college, so this gave me a big kick! I love it when the students want to talk about non-school books, but it doesn’t happen often enough for me.

  2. LCD says:

    For me, it would be while doing schoolwork. Your temporary dentist sounded creepy. O.O I’m glad you won’t have to deal with her again!

  3. Julie says:

    So many many times when reading would make that unpleasant thing bearable!

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