Rowdy Boys & Quiet Boxes

Tuesday night, I went with my husband and daughter to the Fablehaven 5 launch party to buy both our copy and a copy for Chersti, the contest winner.

I was so happy to see so many kids excited about reading while we were there, particularly all the boys who were excited about the books. If any of you have read my Guys & Reading post, you’ll know that I’ve been concerned that boys don’t read enough. These kids are a little younger than the teens I talked about, but I say, Start them young! I hope that these boys will keep their interest in reading as they get older, too.

Yes, we took our 2-month-old to this loud show. Does that make me a bad mother? In my defense, she actually fell asleep and we had her ears muffled by our hands the whole time. 🙂

In fact, the most entertaining thing of the night were the four or five 10-year-old boys sitting behind us. As you can see in the picture, there was a stage–there was an actual show to kick off the party. The boys behind us made the show 10xs more interesting. Every time something funny was said, they would repeat it at the top of their lungs, laughing and carrying on. They cracked us up.

For example, the Divine Comedy group (a comedy group that Brandon Mull participated in when he attended BYU) had a few skits that were rather entertaining. One was supposed to be a movie trailer. At the end, they joked that, like most movie trailers, they’ve only given away nine tenths of the plot. One of those awesome kids behind us repeated “Nine-tenths of the plot!” at the top of his lungs about 5 times. Cute kid.

Oh, and when the University of Utah ballerinas showed up dressed as fairies, all of the boys had to make their opinions known: “Fairies? Ick!”
Boy 1: “Did they have this at least year’s party”
Boy 2: “No.”
Boy 1: “Oh, good. Glad I didn’t miss THAT.”
(I have to admit…it was the lamest part. But I’m sure all the cute little girls dressed up in fairy wings and flower wreaths loved it.)

Shannon Hale was the emcee for the night. And, as always, she was hilarious. She has her little thing she does with pictures to prove that she’s friends with Brandon Mull–pictures of her outside his house peeking in the window like a stalker. 🙂 Her little performance was talking to Brandon, who at first was broadcasting from inside the magical knapsack from book 4. Shannon and the audience “couldn’t find” the knapsack, and Brandon was stuck. Turns out, Shannon hid the pretend knapsack in her locker in the dressing room–and put a rock on top. Security found it, Brandon came out on stage, and Shannon was locked in the Quiet Box for punishment. The kids ate it up.

Photo courtesy of The Deseret News

We didn’t stay for the signing, since there were a million bagillion people there (okay, maybe 3,000), but we’ll get him to sign them this weekend.

We had fun. The show was for sure for kids, but we were entertained. And I was amazed that such fun parties go on for books! I think it’s rare, of course, but dang…I think they should happen more often so kids have something way exciting to do to celebrate their favorite books being released.

About Karen Krueger

I write for teens when I'm not chasing after two cute kids. I love to sing and eat cereal (though not at the same time), and I most certainly am not a vampire because I'm addicted to sunshine.
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5 Responses to Rowdy Boys & Quiet Boxes

  1. Suey says:

    Sounds like it was a blast!They should have these more often! 🙂

  2. I really wanted to go to this–it took place at my old high school and my little sister wanted me to take her–but I was stuck in Provo. Looks like I missed out!

  3. Colleen/Mom says:

    Of course, you know that I am jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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