Blogging on a Schedule

I just read a post from my friend Gwen about blogging tips that she learned from Bree Despain and Brodi Ashton. Most of the tips, I’ve kind of figured out, but there was one that stumped me. A blog schedule.

It didn’t stump me because I don’t get it. It stumped me because I don’t know if I can do that one. I mean, my current operation is to write whenever the muses inspire me, which is, like, every day. Or whenever I finish a book, which I’m already 2 books behind on reviews. And then the never-ending problem of time. I post when I get a chance.

But at the same time, it seems like it’s kinda cool when bloggers have their schedule, like a Sunday Salon or Something to Look At Sunday (or whatever reoccurring post during the week). So let me ask you, do you enjoy seeing the weekly recurring topics? And if you’re a blogger, how does your schedule work for you? Any suggestions for me?

And if you’re interested, the Fablehaven 5 giveaway contest is still going on!


About Karen Krueger

I write for teens when I'm not chasing after two cute kids. I love to sing and eat cereal (though not at the same time), and I most certainly am not a vampire because I'm addicted to sunshine.
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2 Responses to Blogging on a Schedule

  1. Brodi Ashton says:

    I love it when bloggers have a schedule. Okay, okay, that was actually my own tip, so I guess I have to love it. But it really did make a difference for me, especially for the blog readers that don’t have me on a reader or RSS feed. I think it helps with the loyalty of readers too- they come to expect my blog on certain days, and I deliver.

    Just thought I’d chime in with my two cents. I like your blog!

    • Thanks for your two cents. 🙂 I hadn’t thought about the readers who don’t subscribe. I have to keep track of blogs using Google Reader, because I’d never check them all otherwise. I think I just kind of figured that everyone does a similar thing.
      Thanks for reading–I’m glad you like it! 🙂

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