Signed Fablehaven 5 Giveaway! (Ended March 2010)

Fablehaven 5: Keys to the Demon Prison by Brandon Mull

Today marks the two-week countdown to the fifth and final book in Brandon Mull’s Fablehaven series–yay! To celebrate (and to promote my blog, let’s be honest), I’m going to give away a signed copy of the book.

Here’s how it’s going to work…assigning different points to different things doesn’t work for me. Let’s face it, I’m a word person, not a number person. So everything is worth one point. But I plan on leaving secret places aroundย  my blog that offer you extra points, so you’ll want to search around periodically to see if you can find some extra points. It’s like a scavenger hunt–isn’t that fun? ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s how you can get points:

  • Following my blog via Google Reader, other readers, or email (see the “Like What You See?” widget in the sidebar). Leave a comment if you’re following–I’ll take your word for it.
  • Comments on my blog, whether it be on actual posts or in other places on the blog.
  • Referring others to my blog. Make sure to mention in a comment who referred you!
  • Placing a link to this giveaway on your blog or website (one point for a post and another point for a link on a sidebar). Leave a comment on this post with a link to your website.
  • Following me on Twitter (@karenmkrueger). Leave a comment or DM me on Twitter to let me know you want it to count for this giveaway. If you’re already following me on Twitter, you automatically get a point. Make sure to let me know though, so I don’t have to go through all my followers (either comment here or DM me on Twitter).
  • Tweeting about the giveaway or any of my other posts (or retweeting my tweets about the blog). Again, tell me in a comment here or DM on Twitter to let me know.

I’ll start keeping track of points right…now! ๐Ÿ™‚ The contest will go until noon (Mountain Time) on Tuesday, March 23, the day the book comes out. I’ll announce the winner before the launch party in Salt Lake at 6:30.

Good luck!


About Karen Krueger

I write for teens when I'm not chasing after two cute kids. I love to sing and eat cereal (though not at the same time), and I most certainly am not a vampire because I'm addicted to sunshine.
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18 Responses to Signed Fablehaven 5 Giveaway! (Ended March 2010)

  1. Colleen/Mom says:

    Well, as your mom I know that I can’t earn points, but I think this is a great idea, Karen! … and I can’t wait until the book is released!

  2. kaitlyn says:

    How do you have a signed copy? That’s so cool!

  3. Hi, Karen! I can’t remember if I’ve commented yet about enjoying meeting you at the Utah Book Bloggers Social – but I did!

    I retweeted your giveaway on Thursday, and I’m now following your blog via email. I’ve been following you on Twitter since I met you.

    When I get a chance to update my blog, I’ll let more people know about the giveaway and your blog!


  4. Nicki says:

    Hi Karen, what a great contest! I’m really excited to read this one so I racked up some points. I’ve added a link to your site on mine (DogEar) as well as posting a blog entry. You’re now on my Google Reader and I’ve commented on Gone. Cheers! (nicole.politi [at]

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  9. Glen Turnbow says:

    I really wish that I could go to the launch party tonight but I cannot because I’m in Mesa, AZ. I am from the Salt Lake City area origionally though.
    I love Fablehaven and I’m so excited for the fith to come out… IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS! I started reading them from a suggestion from my now wife. in fact we would read them together as dates. (reading books together is a great thing to do for a dates over the phone when you are a large distance from the other person.)
    I think it is great what you are doing and it spreads the joy of reading the Fablehaven series.
    BTW… I’m putting my two cents in on the contest… I am now following you on Twitter as @CHINCHUDO.. so that is at least two right? Oh.. for a thrid point I would like to bring your attention to the fact that Brandon Mull has put the first two chapters to the fith book on his blog… here is the link:

    • My husband and I read all of them out loud together too. And we’re in the process of rereading them all together right now. I think reading out loud makes a good date when you’re close to each other as well as far apart. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thanks for reading, Glen. And I will definitely give you a third point for the link. Thanks so much!

  10. Ack! Wish I’d found this contest sooner! LOVE Fablehaven and I am so excited for this book to come out! I am now officially an RSS feed subscriber! Yeah and thanks!

  11. *I follow your blog via my blogroll. (And thanks for posting a schedule since I was just checking everyday ๐Ÿ™‚
    * I’ve previously commented on your blog via post (I am soooo bad – I hardly ever leave comments on blogs. Guess it intimidates me)
    * I’ve referred peeps to your blog through social medias
    * I have a link to your website on my sidebar
    * I stalk… er, FOLLOW you on twitter
    * I tweeted and retweet about you and your gorgeousness.

    I could add other things, like how I talk about Malisma in my sleep and envy those attractive black shoes of yours…

    the end.

    • Oh, Chersti. You make me laugh. And I’m glad you read this. And I’m glad you are glad I put up a schedule. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who talks about Melisma in my sleep. ๐Ÿ™‚

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